The Perfect Photo: Advice and Guidance

At Turn Me Royal, we want to craft you a true masterpiece, this guide will help you to send us a 

perfect picture for your masterpiece.

If you don’t have the perfect picture, don't worry! Our artists check all of the orders and photos & if

your photo doesn't meet our criteria, we'll let you know and help you choose a more suitable one!

1. Take the photo in good lighting

When you take the photo, make sure the lighting is good so that the person in the picture is clearly

visible. Natural daylight is best.

2. Take a high resolution photo

The higher the resolution, the better the portrait!

Take the highest resolution photo your camera, phone or tablet is capable of. Avoid small or low

resolution photos. And most important of all – make sure the photo isn’t blurry!

3. Take a photo at the right angle

If you’re taking a selfie, hold your phone at arm’s length, keeping it at eye-level or higher. Make

sure you don’t have to angle the phone up, or you’ll have a royal portrait of the inside of your


If you have a good side, feel free to tilt your head slightly. Remember, you don’t have to look

directly into the camera!

4. Make sure no features are out of frame in your photo

Make sure your hair, ears, and any other features you want to be included in your portrait are

visible in your photo. If we can’t see them, we can include them!